Michelle Fernandez: Catapult Your Conversion

Michelle Fernandez is the lead Ad Strategist and Launch Manager for Foot Traffic Formula, which constitutes one of the top coaching programs for small business owners assist them get more clients in the door, more profit in their pocket, and more happiness in their home. She is an expert in branding and a vital force behind the continued growth and scale of Foot Traffic Formula.

Michelle enjoys the strategizing process that currently exists prior to running ads, and is a master at getting crystal clear on brand identity, messaging, and funnel strategy, ensuring peak ROI for ad invest. She understands how to combine the most powerful organic, ad, and funnel strategies to create a successful launch and scaling business.

During the evidence we discuss:
[?] Strategy in paid and organic social growth
[?] Why video is a must for social media rise
[?] How to craft your patron avatar
[?] Why Facebook and YouTube ads are hot and how to monetize
[?] Pieces to building a funnel that converts the best types of ads to run prior to a launch
[?] How to optimize your funnel
[?] Best practises that helps you to convert
[?] Why you need to let your audience ask questions live
[?] How to make money with challenges
[?] Secret to decrease your ad spend
[?] How to make a 6 figure launch without a 6 figure ad spend
[?] How to connect and convert in 45 seconds
[?] How to know an offering will convert
[?] Importance of content that converts
[?] How to increase webinar conversions
[?] Extremely powerful ad targeting strategies
[?] How to get visible and build authority with ads
[?] How to increase your social following
[?] How to get exposure on others’ platforms

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