There is a lot of cool gear in the golf equipment world that doesn’t ever fit neatly into Most Wanted Tests or Buyer’s Guides. You still want to know how it performs. In our We Tried It series, we put gear to the test and let you know if it operates as advertised.

What We Tried

The MNML Golf MV2 stand bag.

Product Expert

Hi, I’m Harry and I am a professional golf equipment tester.( Yes, there are .) I actually exam a lot of things at MyGolfSpy and play professionally when I’m not checking and comparing specs on gloves, rangefinders, handbags, ball retrievers, etc. You can call me the Director of Product Testing here at MGS. You are also welcome to only call me Harry. That’s fine, too.

What is MNML Golf?

MNML Golf is a relatively new golf pouch company are available in Manhattan Beach, Calif. As you can imagine, owned Sam Goulden is a super laid-back, easy-going guy. However, his ardour for his golf stand purse is anything but laid back. He wants to get rid of all the clutter that golf pouches have and strip it down to the essentials. Enter the MNML MV2 golf stand bag.

The MNML MV2 golf stand suitcase might seem like another everyday golf handbag. Nonetheless, with a few hidden surprises, that isn’t the case. The MV2 comes with three magnetic pockets which isn’t unusual but they’re stronger than any magnetic pocket I’ve come across. This shapes it improbably easy to get into the pockets without messing around with jammed zippers. It likewise come here for a Bluetooth speaker and solar panel portable charger to ensure you don’t lose your phone’s battery–or music for that matter. Neat, huh?

The MV2 has a cooler pocket for ice-cold liquors of your choice. There’s also room for extra pieces that you may need on a typical round. Look at the top of the golf stand luggage, The MV2 comes with a four-way divider to keep your clubs easily separated. To round it off, the container has a fully functional stand system, double straps and a phone holder that allows you to film your dingers.

On paper, the MNML golf stand purse appears to have some tricks up its sleeve. But how does it perform?

Why Are We Trying The MNML Golf Stand Bag?

Remember the days of the PGA Merchandise Show pre-COVID? Vaguely? Yeah. Me, too. During the 2020 PGA Show, treading along the “breaking into the industry walkway”, we came across MNML Golf. They had a bag that was similar to the MV2 with slightly different pocket intends. We started talking to them and rapidly learned they had something unique . The bag caught our eye because of how small-time and compact it was, as well as the magnetic pockets. Anyway, after chatting with the guys, we wanted to include it the 2020 Most Wanted Stand Bag test.

Things didn’t quite used to work, as they were working on the pouch you is today: the MV2 and it merely wasn’t ready at the time of testing. Yes, it took two years to design, technologist and develop but here we are. So let’s be real. It was well worth the” We Tried It” clause is required to determine whether you, consumer interests, should invest in a brand-new golf stand bag.

Employ The MNML Golf Stand Bag

My first impression of the MNML MV2 suitcase is that it’s clean and sexy search. It has the look of a Stitch bag from a distance but once you move closer, the material is different. The MV2 is easier to keep your bag clean and searching new, thanks to its Lightweight Microsuede material. Huge plus, in my opinion.

The two main pockets are a good sizing for your torrent coat and liquid. I jam-pack tees, a yardage journal, CBD, a rain jacket and got a couple of snacks and everything fit just fine. Until I tried to shut the pockets. The pockets were just too full and struggled to close with the magnetic close. Another question when the pockets are full is that items can fall out, as the security hammock is too low and needs to be extended higher. HOWEVER, these issues merely happen if you really pack in those pockets otherwise you’re Gucci.

One of the critical attributes of a great golf stand purse is the stand structure. The MV2 worked well with the legs extending and repudiating with violence making sure it doesn’t slam your legs when you’re walking. That s ** t is annoying( college flashbacks ). When moving up to the double straps, they’re certainly padded and plush. They might be too padded if there’s such a thing. The suitcase are also welcome to be was transformed into a single strap for those who play a track with caddies.

At the top of the container, there are dividers made of a material that screams “suede.” High-end stuff. It has the right amount of padding to make sure your shafts are protected for years to come. Likewise, at the top of the MNML golf stand suitcase is a phone holder that MNML claims can fit an iPhone 12( and other telephones of a similar sizing) to ensure filming your swing is easy to do. We tried that and it’s a little snug but it fits.

Tell Me What You Really Think

Would I use this handbag as my go-to bag? Possibly. Here’s why.

If I was planning on playing nine holes after working in collaboration with limited add-on items, I would certainly use this purse. It has all the features of a regular stand luggage but saves a few pounds here and there. One of the most difficult positives is that the MV2 bag has a speaker, charging port for your phone and camera holder to film your shakes. All aspects are sweet in my eyes and work well.

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Here is where the MV2 could improve

In my opinion, the strap system was an after-thought. Let me clarify. The double straps are padded and plush which is great. However, they are extremely wide, making it hard for your arms to hang naturally. As a make, the straps pinch/ dig into your figure. Merely by trimming an inch and a half off each strap and contouring the straps to your body would build the carry much more pleasant. MNML could have also hidden the strap connector that is now attached to the handle and incorporated it into the bag so it doesn’t appear like an after-thought. My last uneasines is that you cannot adjust the second strap on the back segment of the strap. So if you need elevate the high levels of the purse on your back, you can’t.

The side pockets I have mentioned and prove not to be an issue if you have the standard amount of pieces in there. The ball pocket can hold two sleeves of balls or nine projectiles loosely which is all you need.( Unless you’re having a bad period and it is necessary to more projectiles. You know who you are .)

The dividers are plush at the top but can end up snagging from time to time, specially if you have oversized grips.

So where did the MV2 stand bag excel?

Its features aspect is second to none. I utilized the Bluetooth speaker a lot while testing the MNML Golf stand suitcase and, while it might not be the best quality, the audio is clear enough to enjoy a bit of Marvin Gaye on the course. You can also charge your phone at the same time without losing battery. Big plus if you have to call your partner and explain you’re playing an extra nine holes.

The stand itself is great and works well. No issues there. It should also be noted that all the pockets are easy to open and close thanks to the magnetic structure. Stirs life so much easier.

If you want to convert your luggage into a single strap, it is simple and easy to do by removing the clip on one and attach it to the bottom. The caddies will love you for it. Another ingenious intend by MNML is, if you find yourself playing a few cases rounds journeying in a go-cart, you can wrap your purse strap around the top of the bag. Once completing that, you need to thread the cart strap through the bag strap to protect your golf stand bag.

While many bag corporations have customizable alternatives, MNML Golf customization is a little different. They have a in-house artist to take care of any intend you want to make it a true-blue one-of-a-kind golf stand bag.

MNML Golf Stand Bag Final Thoughts

The bottom line: If I had a choice between the MV2 or a PING Hoofer, I used to select the PING, the main reason being their strap system. Let’s face it, the primary reason for a stand handbag is to carry it. The MV2′ s strap system seems to be an after-thought, eliminating the single-strap system. If MNML specified the straps, I would certainly consider this bag as my go-to golf stand bag.

However, if you’re a musician who doesn’t carry many loose pieces or plays nine holes every evening, this is CERTAINLY the container for you. You can use the MV2′ s single strap no problem while listening to music as the sun starts to disappear beyond the horizon.

Also, if I had this suitcase, I would be sure to customize it with my Dinger logo to make it that one of a kind, for sure.

The bag costs $249 and comes in black or white. The up-charges are the tech kit and customizable artwork. But if you have an age-old working stand suitcase, you can trade it in and get yourself a brand-new MNML Golf stand suitcase for $199.

Let me know in the Comment section if this pouch is something you would consider or “if youre having” the MV2 already.




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