ARC Music Festival Review: Chicago Gets The House and Techno Festival it Deserves

Walking through the debut of ARC Music festival there seemed to be one underlying theme- people questioning out loud “How has this not happened before? ” And as I walked from stage to stage, being able to enjoy some of the best house music on earth I likewise asked to my self-” How has this NOT happened then? ”

Chicago respects house music almost every weekend- so how has there never been a proper, high intention music celebration dedicated to the music we dance to almost every weekend? One that renders respect to the underground demonstrates it stands on, while blow the eyelid off anticipations with high-end production, a true-blue venue, and afters to go with it?

Kursza for ARC Music Festival

The festival was made up of four stages set up strategically through the park- The Grid was the mainstage by default, and hosted massive situates from artists like ZHU, Eric Prydz, and, Bob Moses. But the flair was spread throughout the festival. ARC travelled all out and teamed up with the ELROW team to curate and designing a tented stage- with an entire immersive suffer with specifies from Fisher, Eli& Fur, and, Will Clarke.

Kursza for ARC Music Festival

Arc Music Festival shaped its debut in Chicago over Labor Day Weekend. The brand-new 2-day festival called Union Park its dwelling and was set up with four stages throughout the park. One of the beautiful things about dance music in Chicago is that it can be as simple, or as complex as you want it to be. Everything from the sub-genre you are listening to to how you are listening to it was represented at ARC.

Kursza for ARC Music Festival

Festival goers could buy a GA ticket, and enjoy the music at all the stages with zero issues. The sound systems were set up properly, and the room was plentiful. Wanted some more chamber to yourself and you could opt in for one of the two levels of VIP Tickets or even bottle service at the mainstage. Good-for-nothing felt’ Gate-keepery’ about the situation- it simply simmers down to- everyone has different preferences. And that’s ok. House music is for everyone- and they can enjoy it however they crave.

Kursza for ARC Music Festival

The formula for a great festival in Chicago doesn’t require reinventing the wheel. Truly. Bring a great lineup, in an accessible venue, with a great soundsystem, and they will come. Chicago will always be thankful.

Oh, and ever journal Derrick Carter. Always.

See you next year.

‘ARC Music Festival Review: Chicago Gets The House and Techno Festival it Deserves

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