CrownCruiser eBike Looks to the Past to Accelerate Toward an Electrified Future

CrownCruiser eBike Looks to the Past to Accelerate Toward an Electrified Future

CrownCruiser Motors founder Adebola Adeleye wants to satiate your need for speed with an electric bike symbolizing the same spirit that painted the golden years of British heritage motorcycling with contemporary styling and technological sciences that they are able to construct Lucius Fox of Wayne Enterprises envious- an electric bicycle with a 100 -mile range and a top speed of 31 mph.

CrownCruiser Motors founder Adebola Adeleye

UK-based CrownCruiser Motors founder Adebola Adeleye

With a background in aeronautical engineering and fueled by a feeling for the outdoors, Adeleye’s exertions are manifested in an electric bike with an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame design- one complemented with a coterie of componentry immediately influenced by many of the material innovations which transmit Formula 1 vehicles their delicate balance of speed vs. weight.

The lightweight, ultra-strong monocoque carbon fiber frame is rather curvaceous, a silhouette evocative of an entomological beach cruiser that seems to lean into the notion of speed even at a standstill.

Powered by a brushless DC hub motor capable of delivering a maximum strength yield of 1000W in two motor sizes- a pedal-assisted system( PAS) which can produce speeds up to 15.5 mph at 250 W, or an even faster speed-demon option that combines the PAS with the throttle with a 750 W rear hub motor allowing for top speeds of up to 31 mph- the CrownCruiser operates within the growing category of e-bikes aspiring toward motorcycles in intent rather than their pokier pedal-powered counterparts.

” Here at CrownCruiser Motors, we’ve merged distinct styling and the latest technology to create the ultimate saying of the cruiser bike ,” says Adeleye.” We’ve worked hard to create a bike that our design-conscious community can ride where they crave, safely and in style- with minimum impact on the planet’s resources and their billfold .”

Plans include the installation of swap-and-go battery stations across metropolis to ensure users can switch a depleted battery for a fully-charged power unit within seconds, but as Tesla and other electric “manufacturers ” further down the road have discovered, infrastructure is much harder to roll out than the vehicles themselves.

Beyond its darkly captivating seems and 100 -mile range, the CrownCruiser is stocked with tech that further adds to the Batman-evocative impression, including anti-theft engineerings, GSM location tracking, Bluetooth connectivity allowing for connection between bike and its own riding statistics app. And in the instance your ominous two-wheeled ride takes a fall, there’s also a gyro accelerometer sensor engineered to detect an impact or fall, automatically creating a pin drop of your locating and advising a pre-determined emergency contact.

CrownCruiser is available at an introductory rate of $3,150 and is likely to be customized or painted.

If” darknes and menacing aesthetic” isn’t quite your cup of tea, CrownCruiser plans to offer the e-bike in differences, with a range of colourings and skins to give the lightweight, ultra-strong monocoque carbon fiber frame an entirely different attitude whether on the road or while parked.

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