Sub 70 Golf Update: New Additions and a Look Forward

Sub 70 Golf Update- Key Takeaways

New releases from the summer months include the 799 super game-improvement irons. The corporation has also added five brand-new putters and the new 849 Pro driver . A draw-biased version “re coming” this fall along with a new line of fairway timbers.

Three years into its excursion, Sub 70 Golf is knee-deep in idioms.

You could say the company is hitting its pace and is on a roll. It’s been growing by leaps and bounds as savvy, bargain-hunting golfers jump on the bandwagon. And while it’s not king of the hill, it does find itself ahead of the curve.

But there’s a problem with idioms. As figures of speech go, they set the table but don’t tell the whole story. Sub 70 Golf has firmly established itself as both a performance-driven and world prices/ value alternative to the major OEMs. The last 19 months have been crazier than anyone could have possibly imagined and Sub 70 has dealt with its fair share of challenges.

And despite a worldwide pandemic, a global supply chain crisis and unprecedented increases in shipping expenditures, Sub 70 continues expanding and updating its product arsenal.

Which just goes to show, a smooth sea has never made a skilled sailor.

OK, we’ll stop. But let’s take a look at Sub 70 ’s latest.

Sub 70 Golf

Sub 70 Golf Update: Rough Seas and Open Water

“Our first three years have been a learning process, ” Sub 70 Golf Marketing Director Jay Armour tells MyGolfSpy. “We haven’t had any major stumbling block but there are things we’ve had to find solutions for.”

Specifically, Sub 70 has dealt with shaft and traction famines as well as shipping delays, which has stirred new product introduction an ad hoc proposition.

“This year has been difficult with inventorying and predicting timelines for new products, ” says Armour. “We’ve had to make sure we had alternatives. We offer customers free upgrades if we don’t have the shaft they want, for instance.”

Sub 70 Golf

Over the past six weeks, Sub 70 has introduced several brand-new putters, a new cast-iron give and an updated driver. And in the next week, you’ll interpret yet another driver and a brand-new determined of fairway woods.

“2 022 should be an absolutely fantastic year for us, ” insists Armour.

Sub 70 799 Irons

Our first Sub 70 Golf update aspects the company’s first foray into the super game-improvement category, the new 799 irons.

“We always strategy on doing SGI irons; it just wasn’t something we felt we needed right out of the gates, ” says Armour. “We wanted to do it pre-COVID but we had to threw it on hold.”

On the one hand, the 799 cast-irons are typical SGI irons–oversized, wide-soled and extra-forgiving. But there’s a typical Sub 70 twist.

“It’s a 455 -carpenter steel face with a hollow form and TPE administered into the cavity, ” says Armour. “These are great for the player who’s brand-new to the game or who only doesn’t have the time to commit to practising like crazy and merely wants to have fun.

“Why struggle with clubs that might be too demanding? ”

The typical SGI golfer needs assist with both distance and get the ball up in the air. The 799 irons very much follow the recipe for deliver both with aggressive perimeter weighting, a low-pitched CG and a high MOI. And strong-ish lofts help slower swing acceleration golfers get the ball a little farther down the fairway, which helps.

Pricewise, the Sub 70 799 irons extend $500 for a 5-PW organize. While Sub 70 builds everything tradition, the KBS Max 80 is the standard shaft and the Lamkin Crossline 360 is the standard grip. The KBS Tour 90, 105 and 110 are no upcharge options and several upgrades are also available.

Sub 70 Golf

Sub 70 Golf: Putters Galore

Sub 70has also added four new standard putter models this summer: the wide blade 005( both heel- and center-shafted ), the rounded 006 blade( or mini-mallet, take your pick ), and the 8802 -like 007. Each is CNC milled from a single block of 1045 carbon steel.

“The 007 comes with a little martini glass on the psyche embrace, ” says Armour. “It’s a little hat tip to James Bond. I signify, how could you not? ”

Armour says Sub 70 customers have been asking for an 8802 -style putter nearly since Day One.

Sub 70 Golf

“It took some work on our side as far as testing and getting the weighting right, ” he says. “It’s really cool to see how many people really enjoy that looking. You don’t typically see that shape in a CNC milled head.”

One challenge with that mode is striking a balance between length and chief weight. If a golfer prefers a shorter shaft, say 33 inches, an 8802 -style head is too light. Sub 70 established the 007 manager a full 370 grams, so a shorter shaft is advisable to workable.

Both 005 chiefs and the 006 manager all come standard with an additional weight kit at no extra charge. Two 10 -gram weights are installed and the kit includes two five-gram, two 15 -gram and two 20 -grams weights. You’ll be able to adjust the chief load to anywhere from 370 to 405 grams.

Sub 70 Golf

Each 00 -series putter features Sycamore leaf graphics, an homage to Sub 70 ’s hometown of Sycamore, Ill. At first sight, they look like maple foliages, which Armour says builds Sub 70 ’s Canadian patrons happy.

“They’re like,’ Yeah, that’s awesome. It has a maple leaf .’ And we’re like,’ Yeah, it can be a maple leaf if you want it to be.’”

A TAIII Addition

Earlier this year, Sub 70 Golf introduced its TAIII irons, a collaboration between Sub 70 founder Jason Hiland and PGA TOUR pro Tommy Armour III( no being linked to Jay ). This summertime, the company has added a putter to the TAIII lineup, the TAIII 254 WB .

“Jason and Tommy have become pretty good friends over the last couple of years, ” says the unrelated Jay Armour. “Tommy was playing the 005 on Tour but he wanted a dot alignment celebrate instead of a line, as well as some different graphics.”

Fundamentally, the TAIII WB is identical to the 005 other than the dot( which, depending on the golfer, can make a difference ). Armour( Tommy , not Jay) grew up in Las Vegas so there’s a Vegas-themed graphic on the sole. And the 254 is a nod to Armour’s 72 -hole PGA scoring record of 254, which he set in winning the 2003 Valero Texas Open. That record stood until 2017 when it was broken by Justin Thomas.

The TAIII WB has 15 -gram weights installed and does include the weight kit and tool. It features a double-bend shaft and 40 degrees of toe hang for those working with a straight-back, straight-through stroke. It sells for $169.

The 005 center-shaft model likewise sells for $169 and is also available in right-handed simply. The heel-shafted model extends $159 and is accessible on both lefties and righties. The 006 and 007 are both righty merely and sell for $149. A various types of standard and upcharge grasps are available. Length, loft and lie changes are no extra charge.

Sub 70 Golf

Sub 70 Golf Update: New Drivers

Another Sub 70 summertime liberation, the 849 Pro driver, is a noticeable departure from the previous 839 D. First off, it’s 450 cc and, second, it’s proudly fade-biased.

“Yeah, it’s a bit smaller than the maximum but it doesn’t look intimidating, ” says Armour. “It sits a bit open with a little flatter lie angle. It’s very much low-toned rotate and anti-left.”

The 849 Pro likewise come here for a weight kit and is adjustable seven ways and means to Sunday. You can buy either a 9-degree or 10.5 -degree example and each can be adjusted two degrees up or down in 0.5 – to 0.75 -degree increments. At its lowest loft specify, the face angle sits 4.5 degrees open and, as you loft up, it reaches 3.5 degrees closed. It has three sole weights: a 12 -gram weight in the rear and two three-gram weights in the heel and toe. The load kit includes a six-, eight- and 10 -gram weight, allowing you to adjust further for shot shape and launch.

One common issue with the age-old 839 driver was the voice. It was LOUD.

“We’ve added a full carbon-fiber crown, ” says Armour.” That’s actually helped. I’d say it still has a really strong’ popping’ to it but it’s not nearly as loud or as high-pitched as the original.”

The no-upcharge shaft options include the Project X Evenflow Riptide, the HZRDUS Smoke Black and a Sub 70 Project X High Launch. Additional shafts obtained at an upcharge.

Coming in November will be the higher-launching 849 D, a 460 cc high-MOI version of the 849 Pro. As the call would suggest, the 849 D aspects a slight glean bias and spreads its extra 10 cubic centimeters more heel to toe and front to back in comparison with the Pro model.

Both motorists are $299 with standard shafts.

Sub 70 Golf

Fairways Woods Are Coming

To round out the Sub 70 Golf update for 2021, look for a brand-new fairway wood lineup this November. The brand-new 949 X serial will supersede the nearly three-year-old 939 X.

“They’re going to be very similar to the drivers–a very blacked-out look with a clean-looking finish ,” says Armour.

Sub 70 is going full monty with the 949 X fairways, offering them in 3-, 4-, 5- and 7-wood examples for righties, as well as 3- and 5-woods for lefties. As with the motorists, they’ll feature a carbon-fiber crown, full hosel adjustability and a weight kit.

They’ll sell for $ 169 with various categories of standard and upcharge shaft options. The Tour and Tour Pro fairways will remain in the Sub 70 lineup.


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The 2022 Outlook

“Going into 2022, we are having our feet under us, ” says Armour. “There was a lot of heavy lifting “weve had to” do on the front end. We set considerable occasion, vigour and resources into things that maybe weren’t large-hearted revenue producers but needed to be done to set us up for the long-term.”

On the product front, Sub 70 is a card-carrying follower of the Paul Masson winery philosophy:” We will sell no wine before its day .”

“We’re not going to release a brand-new product unless we think there’s a noticeable improvement, ” says Armour. “We’re ever developing and tweaking. Our 699 cast-irons have been out for nearly three years now. There’s no need to come out with new stuff each year. We’re just going to ride what we have until we have something better.”

Sub 70 Golf

The success of Sub 70 Golf and its direct-to-consumer countrywomen Ben Hogan and New Level shows the concept jobs and isn’t going anywhere. Others, such as Haywood Golf and Scott Golf, have fared well in Most Wanted Testing.

Maybe we’re not that far off from telling Alexa to order a determined of cast-irons, after all.

For more information, visit the Sub 70 website.

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