Meet the genre-hopping Mayhem Brawler: trading card game turned side-scroller

Greetings everyone, I am Emre Sagirlar, Community Manager of Hero Concept. Our latest name Mayhem Brawler will be out on streets tomorrow and I wanted to talk about the project’s development process, how it evolved, and the studio’s innovative approaches to this classic genre. Let’s scroll the belts, shall we?

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Meet the genre-hopping Mayhem Brawler: trading card game turned side-scroller

One wild coin was yet to be inserted

Mayhem Brawler is an urban fantasy-themed beat’ em up game with a comic-book art style. But it wasn’t ever that. Originally, we’d set out on this project to create a digital trading card game. We wanted to create an urban fantasy universe with a superhero decoration, featuring tales from every corner and perspective. TCG’s are well-known for their huge amount of lore, locatings, personas, animals, and much more, which attained it the ideal genre to realise our world in.

Ultimately the team realise it would take a significant amount of time to bring all the corners of this rich universe into a cohesive whole with the careful balancing we’d want in a trading card play. Yet with all the materials we’d established, a sudden conceive strike: why not accommodate them into a classic style, side-scrolling beat’ em up? With countries around the world, personas and artistry style drawing inspiration from the likes of comic-books, classic thump’ em ups, and novels that told everlasting narratives, the crew was able to bring some brand-new things to the genre.

Even though we’ve inspired from the classic beat’ em ups, the narrative won’t involve the overused” save the kidnapped daughter/ girlfriend” formula. Instead, players will be the top metahuman officers of super-powered law enforcement agency Stronghold. You- and up to two friends in neighbourhood multiplayer- will police the streets and save the residents of Mayhem City.

The urban fantasy-theme gave us opportunities to create potpourruss of foe minions and heads, such as wizards that assemble for spine-tingling rituals, vampires that own megacorps to do their evil deeds, lycanthropes that live among mankind for filthy errands, and mejins that came from another dimension to simply party in the neighborhood. As beta musicians shared their surprise and delight at the fantastical beings they faced, we knew we were off to a good start with the choices we’ve stirred for the project. We’re proud of this world we’ve created and as such, the idea for a trading card game at some phase in the future is still very much alive.

Does the walker select the route, or direction the baby-walker?

The immense amount of lore written for Mayhem Universe allowed us to create a” choose your own escapade” style pilgrimage.

With a more labyrinthine advance system, the narrative will give three quite different culminations. The tale has twelve stages in total, but musicians will go on seven patrols in one playthrough as options will be made at the end of every level. These selections will determine which aiming musicians will tackle. Each level is divergent from others with its unique locatings, stories, enemies and a final boss. For example, players can finish the game without encountering a single wizard. We believe this will offer multiple, distinct player suffers, with separate narratives to hear, diverse adversaries to arrest, and tons of pop culture citations to notice. Naturally, this will heighten the replay appreciate as well.

Know thine enemy, exploit their weakness

We’ve taken a page out of the RPG handbook in rolling with status impacts as a combat mechanic. Our policemen can perform offensive and defensive special abilities. Not simply these knowledge to further improve players combo potential, but they are able to also leave foes with certain condition effects, such as Bleed( stimulating the target take additional damage) or Expose( lessening an opponent’s resistance ). Weapons that you’ll pick up as you patrol the street( crowbars, bayonets, handguns) will likewise be able to apply condition effects depending on their form. Using the privilege consequence on the right foe will help you deal greater shatter, clear stages faster and obtain higher ratings. Be told: Minions of Mayhem City can possess special abilities or use weapons to leave our officers with condition effects as well!

From Istanbul with love

The team diligently worked on this project for two years. Those who know our previous names, Doughlings: Arcade and Doughlings: Invasion are probably aware that we adoration timeless classics in gaming record. Developing a vanquish’ em up game was inevitable for the studio. We did our utmost best to create one that feels nostalgic yet fresh for the arcade ex-servicemen and newcomers. The play liberations tomorrow, on August 19 for PS4( and is playable on PS5 ). It features English voiceovers together with subtitles and UI in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

As Hero Concept, we hope you enjoy Mayhem Brawler to your heart’s content! Now travel patrol the streets.

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