What All Launch Models Have in Common

As a copywriter, I’m reasonably familiar with most of the popular launch models out there.

Most start with a launching event — something splashy and flashy to draw new people in and energize the existing audience — then they have a pitch when the cart officially opens, and a series of emails to foster, persuasion, and remind people to make a decision before the deadline.

There are lots of popular formulae and blueprints for putting these parts together in slightly different ways. Some application videos, some utilize live webinars, some application on-demand webinars, some do multi-day educates or challenges…

So what do all the launch techniques have in common?

They position you as a imagine leader.

Whether you’re doing a Product Launch Formula three-video series, an Amy Porterfield sales webinar, a Mariah Coz High Ticket Hybrid funnel, a challenge, a bootcamp, or whatever — what these launching events all have in common is that they rely on thought commander messaging to work.

Think about it: all of them rely on you understanding who you are as a though president, how you are sitting in your space, how you’re different from other people, and how to lead with unique messaging.

But trying to launch without remember leader messaging …

If your message isn’t clear or unique enough, your launching occurrence won’t get enough traction, you’ll have to spend more on ads, and you won’t recognize the transition rate you want during your launch.

Nobody’s going to opt-in for a webinar they feel like they’ve seen a dozen period already. No one is going to watch a video that says what everybody else in the industry is saying. No one will join a challenge if they aren’t clear on the results.

But when you’ve done the work to position yourself as a suppose president, you’ll already know how your product, service, or business is different from everything else in your industry.Even better, your audience will know it, too.You won’t have to shout to be heard, because people will be opting in to listen to what you have to say.

Your ideal clients will have already bought in to your premise and rule before you ever construct the give. So, regardless of which launching tactics plea most to you — you must have developed and defined yourself as a dream president before you launch for them to work as advertised.

What’s the alternative?

But what if there were an alternative to stressful launching events?

I had someone ask questions recently if they HAD to do a launching event.( Like, a live webinar, significant challenges, a bootcamp, etc .)

The answer — of course — is no! You don’t HAVE to do anything you don’t just wanted to do.

The purpose of a launching event is to increase the number of people in your audience and get them agitated about the give. That’s why we have an event at the beginning of a launch.

So you need one if you don’t have enough people in your audience to hit your revenue purposes, or if your audience isn’t warmed up enough to say yes to your offer.But they can be super stressful. Lots of the scheme, lots of content to create, lots of things that can go wrong when you’re “ve got something” live.

So … What’s the alternative?

Instead of spending so much time and energy on a very short time period, and a single event to do all that heavy lifting for your launch, what if you could drip it out over day?

What if you were able to spend a bit of energy each week or each day instead of blowing it all in one run?

That’s what the content BETWEEN launches can do for you — and that’s the best place to sharpen your reckon leadership, so that people are ready to give you their money as soon as you make an offer.

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