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Want to know how to build an 8 figure business FAST? Well, here’s the video all about how to do that. Inside our Incubator we host Q+ As weekly and questions like “What do I do in the grind? ” and “How do I bring on spouses? ” come up frequently. There’s a couple different things you need to know to get you through “The Grind” as I like to call it. First, you have to trust that the seeds you have planted will sprout in the future. In the meantime, travel build relationships.

How do you build relationships? By sharing your vision and reaching out to others with similar audiences looking to add value. When you build more relationships, you can take presales and connect with other people who can help your business grow.

This entire game is about making more than you take, and if you focus on adding importance to relationships and loving on the person or persons in your system, you will win.

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What was your biggest takeaway from this video?

0:00 – Getting had begun in THE GRIND
1:50 – How can I establish things go faster?
3:00 – How to build relationships
5:00 – Keep sharing your imagination
7:00 – It’s easy to sell with relations
8:25 – How to take pre sales
6:50 – What’s your customer’s transition point?
10:52 – The TAG Formula –
13:00 – Stay in the GIVE mindset
15:00 – Apply for Cap Inc!( Link down below)

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