Coach Kobe? Michael Jordan Details His Last Text Message Conversation With Kobe Bryant

Michael Jordan reveals the last conversation he had with Kobe Bryant and the fun punches he hurled at the Lakers legend.

The Celebration of Life for Kobe & Gianna Bryant

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Michael Jordan comes from an age without social media. To this day, you’ll never know what Jordan is up to at any certain time and he ever make sure to stay out of the style. There are infamous stories about Michael drifting around that stirs his mysterious nature even funner–The legendary Chamillionaire story being one of the best of all time.


People try to paint this painting that Jordan is rude and cold hearted just like on special courts. Lately, we’ve seen a different back of Jordan. During Kobe Bryants festivity of living,Michael went outside of his consolation region to open up about his relationship with the baller. He called Kobe a little brother and let the world know how close they were, when nearly all of us had no clue at all.


Watching Michael cry talking while about Kobe left no eyes dry in Staples Center or on anyone watching the live broadcast. After everyone heard his speech, we knew there was only one person to induct Kobe Bryant into the Hall Of Fame later this weekend. Ahead of this ceremony, Michael Jordan sat down with Bleacher Report to expose the last text conversation he had with Kobe

” This tequila is awesome ,” Kobe texted, referring to Jordan’s Cincoro Tequila, a bottle of which was sent to Bryant at the launch.

” Thank you, my brother ,” Jordan responded.

” Yes, sir. Family good ?” Kobe replied.

” All good. Yours ?”

” All good .”

Jordan smiled, then decided to have a little fun.” He was really into coaching Gigi ,” MJ clarifies,” so I hit him up about that .”

” Happy holidays ,” Jordan texted back,” and hope to catch up soon. Coach Kobe ??!”

” I was also pointed out that little crying/ giggling emoji ,” Jordan chuckles.

” Ah, back at you, mortal ,” Kobe wrote.” Hey, coach, I’m sitting on the bench right now, and we’re blow this crew out. 45 -8 .”

These Kobe tales get better every time they get disclosed. The saddest part of this weekend is knowing we will never get Kobe Bryant’s Hall Of Fame lecture. We all know it would have instantly been in the top 3 of all time without a doubt. Luckily, Michael will be there to hold his little brother down.


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