Searching for Maserati: F Tributo Ghibli, Levante Special Editions Celebrate Italian Racing

Maserati attained its first ever race appearance in April 1926, and the label has enjoyed a storied record in motorsport ever since. Racing devotees will further recall that the great Juan Manuel Fangio built his racing debut with Maserati in the early 1950 s. To celebrate its near century-long racing heritage and Fangio himself, Maserati has pulled the folds off of the F Tributo Special Edition models for the Ghibli sedan and Levante SUV.

The F, as you might have guessed, stands for Fangio–a driver that even today is heralded as one of “the worlds largest” talented human beings to ever sit behind the wheel of a racing car. Both the Levante and the Ghibli are painted in stunning colours, with the hues themselves dripping with historical significance.

The Levante is finished in Rosso Tributo, Italy’s racing color. Ever wonder why Ferrari’s F1 autoes still wear a similar scarlet hue? You might not have realized that early Maseratis, too, all raced in red. The special-edition Ghibli is painted in Azzuro Tributo, a color that–in combination with yellow–mark the colours of the city of Modena, Maserati’s historic home.

Both Maserati F Tributos are fitted with 21 -inch gloss-black wheels wearing yellow trim that further proves a linkages between these autoes and Fangio’s Maserati 250 F Formula 1 automobile. There also is ” F-Tributo ” badging and torso colored triton logoes on the C-pillars for a little extra pop. Inside, both vehicles will be fitted with all-black interiors with carbon-fiber accenting. Ghiblis get amber differ sewing, while the Levantes receive red.

If you’re a Fangio fan, appreciate Maserati’s heritage, or merely want to stand out from the brigade of black and white dullness that patrols our streets these days, these two Masers might just be for you.

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