2021 Iron Cover Buyer’s Guide


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2021 Iron Cover Buyer’s Guide

After never-ending reader requirements, we are proud to bring you the first MyGolfSpy Iron Covers Buyer’s Guide. Long overdue!

We know you want to protect your investment and add some raw sex energy to your golf suitcase. Based upon fewer dings and heightened pregnancy grades, adding cover-ups to your cast-irons accomplishes both of these goals.

However, improved fortification and fornication are simply two indicators of iron-cover performance. Modern iron encompass include additional functionalities designed to enhance your concert both on and off the course. Make sure you consider all of these aspects when making such an important purchase.

With so many amazing cover-ups on world markets, choosing the set to match your lifestyle is challenging. Today, we will showcase the market commanders in the iron handle category and help you find the privilege defined for you.

Win- Nature Pure NiOx Covers

When it comes to attractiveness , no covering scored greater than the Nature Pure NiOx cover. Testers appreciated its minimalistic design as well as its ease of use. Testers were also impressed that the cover-ups were nearly impossible to lose , no matter how hard they tried. True to its name, the Nature Pure cover’s nitrogen and oxygen building stirred them the most environmentally conscious cover-ups in the test group.

First in ease of use First in sex appeal Last in safety Last in functionality

EXPERT TIP – Increasing Cover Longevity

Did you know that doubling up on iron handles not only doublings the protection for your cast-iron but likewise constructs the internal covering last-place twice as long?

Other Notable Performers

Dank Designs Quick Hitter — Golf supplements to improve the performance, such as CBD and Natty Ice, are big business these days. The Quick Hitter by Dank Designs is the ideal cover for our current performance-enhanced golf environment. This slightly oversized cover aspects ample internal hoard room as well as an integrated herbal delivery device.

MicroBOOM Bluetooth Speaker Cover — Do you want to join the universally welcomed trend of playing music on the golf course but are unsure where to start? Consider the MicroBOOM iron cover. Each of these embraces features a fully functional Bluetooth speaker. You can pair multiple speakers together to increase the volume or use the proprietary “cacophony mode” where each talker play games a different song simultaneously. It’s a groundbreaking technology that will help you make friends as you drive away the annoying clangs of nature.

Mulligan’s 4 Dough Iron Cover

Mulligan’s 4 Dough Iron Cover

It was a surprise to see a well-known toy company like Mulligan move into the golf market. Golfers who try their 4 Dough embraces will be glad that they did. These embraces come in a variety of encompass and can entirely conform to the shape of any cast-iron. Additionally, they feature the highest snackability score in the test cohort.

Did You Know?

Grass is actually much softer than steel. The longer the grass that you hit your irons from, the less impairment that they will take.

The Best Iron Cover 2021- Features That Matter Snugness

To be effective, an iron cover must remain securely on the fraternity. Pro tip: Cover that slip off are prone to loss and no longer protect the club.

Protection Level

While all iron covers improve suitcase esthetics, Priority One is defence. You want to protect your investment and the cast-iron covering is your strongest defender.

Affluence of Insertion/ Penetration Depth

The best iron cover should slip in readily and be deep enough to secure even the longest blade. Just the tip is not a solid protection program in any context.


While all iron handles are designed to protect the golf-club, many companies have expanded the functionality of their coverings. The modern extend should deliver more to your round than just protection.

Sex Appeal

No sane person would argue against the raw sex appeal generated by encompas your cast-irons. Though all are attractive, some embraces make more trouser pop than others.

The Best Iron Covers 2021

Iron CoverSnugnessProtectionInsertion& PenetrationFunctionalitySex Appeal

Crown Covers1 5th15th2nd15th3rd

Dank Designs Quick Hitter8th 8th8th8th8th

Ding Defender3rd 2nd15th14th15th

Fairway Florals1 6th14th4th13th4th

Golf Gamez9th 6th3rd5th6th

Hoppy Blocker5th 5th14th12th5th

MicroBOOM Bluetooth Speaker1 3th10th11th2nd14th

Mulligan’s 4 Dough2nd 1st7th3rd7th

Nature Pure NiOx4th 16 th1st16th1st

Scotty Cameron6th 4th13th11th2nd

Scrunched Golf1 4th13th5th10th9th

Shots and Pops1 0th9th12th4th13th

Silver Systems1st 7th16th7th16th

Sparrow Rangefinder1 2th12th10th912th

Swish Systems7th 3rd6th6th10th

Victor Knox Covers1 1th11th9th1st11th

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); ); Best Rain Protection - Silver Systems

Best Rain Protection – Silver Structure

Not merely is the cover from Silver System one of the most secure embraces in the test group, but it also aspects superior hydrophobicity. This covering will keep your club undamaged and dry at the same time. Add to that the custom rolled application and you have a winner.

Iron Cover Tips and Tricks

Make sure you encounter a cover-up that suits your style of play-act. As ever, MyGolfSpy recommends health professionals fitting. Velcro closes will add additional interference to your round. If you prefer silence, stick to neoprene, latex or dominatrix-approved leather. While all golfers prefer their accessories to match, don’t be afraid to mix up your encompass. Pairing those from Dank Designs and Lubed Swing could give you just the cross-faded round you are looking for. While traditional coverings are based upon classic motifs, many modern corporations have incorporated high-tech methodologies into cover design. Know your liking. Do you want that handmade seem or computer-generated precision? Be sure to procure your cover-ups when not in use. The braided-titanium CoverLok is an excellent product to keep track of covers on the course and likewise while your cover-envying chums buy you boozes at the 19 th pit.

Fun Fact- Banned on Tour!

Did you know that iron handles are currently censored on the PGA tour? Tour officials were concerned about gait of play-act issues as well as the overt display of iron covering fueled sensuality during family television viewing hours.

Best Iron Cover of 2021- FAQ

Q: Is it possible to flex too much with my cast-iron extends?

A: We all recognize that covering your cast-irons is a big flex and some can argue that you can take it too far. We recommend flexing as much as you are comfortable with. You hard-stepped your X-flex driver shaft three times and your choice in coverings should match that swagger.

Expert Tip – Full Cameron Coverage

Limited edition putter handles, such as this Scotty Cameron Gallery Exclusive sushi cover add pop and prestige to your golf container. Why restriction the panache to simply your putter? Imagine the collapse and awe in your foursome when they see Cameron extends on your cast-irons and wedges as well.

Q: Do I need to keep my cast-irons embraced at all times?

A: Absolutely. These encompass merely protect your clubs when they are in place. We recommend keeping the covers on during the swing to avoid stimulating shatter when you hit the ball and grass.

Q: Since I’ve started employing iron covers, I’m having so much sex that I don’t have time to play golf. What should I do?

A: Unfortunately, this is a common side-effect of iron-cover usage. The libido-elevating influence of the iron covering is well documented. We view this as a huge advantage as your golf-clubs will be even better protected when they remain in the garage and not at the golf course.

Q: Why wasn’t BRAND X experimented?

A: We know that you all have favorite labels of covers. However, the huge demand has generated a scarcity in the market that prevented all labels from being tested. For example, we had fully intended to review the brand-new Pokemon cover-ups but the TikTok-fueled full-foil Charizard search precluded us from acquiring samples.

Q: Ha, ha. Happy April Fool’s Day. Now are you going to do a real Iron Covers Guide?

A: No.

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